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MORPHEMIC JUNCTURE Corresponding, first, to phonemic close juntucre / . A . , when I, m, or η above have values greater than one. We can write morphemic close juncture {. A . } or, as with phonemic close juncture, by placing those letters which express the terms of the relation immediately adjacent to each other and omitting the midline index number. Morphemic close juncture can be seen to be idiomatic with respect to a given natural language. Thus, for example, in German, if \ in the formula is (z) — /ts/, morphemic close juncture with λ1 is possible with (among other vowels) /ε/.

5. One Voiceless/Voiced Pair [é, J] An incidental advantage of the decision noted above is the avoidance of the accurate but rather cumbersome IPA notation [tj] and [d3]. This is the voiceless/voiced stop-continuant combination which we shall write [6] and [J] respectively. In both of these, juncture between stop and continuant is so close that uninstructed native speakers of English are unaware that two elements are involved. We can call such juncture ZERO JUNCTURE (one degree closer than "close" juncture " 1 ") and write the following equations: IPA [tj] and MG [tos] = [ò] IPA [d3] and MG [doz] = []] 6.

In the formula, or, better, {. . - . }. By convention the hyphen attaches to prefixes and suffixes, not 52 WORD-STRUCTURE to simple words. And we may include among the prefixes and suffixes what Malone calls "combining forms": 3 {thir-}, {-teen}, and {-ty}, for example, in {thir- -teen} and {thir- -ty}. Note that morphemic open juncture does not always coincide with phonemic juncture; that, in other words, boundaries between syllables and morphemes sometimes differ. Thus, phonemically, {mistake) is almost certainly /mt sték/, but morphemically it is just as certainly {mis- take}.

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