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By David J. Fekete

ISBN-10: 0875861954

ISBN-13: 9780875861951

ISBN-10: 0875862446

ISBN-13: 9780875862446

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ISBN-13: 9780875862453

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But it is alright to pretend you are drunk; in fact, it could help: Now, let me give you advice on the limit to put on your drinking: Never let feet or mind either lose track of their place. . Getting drunk is bad, but pretending to do so Does no harm at all, might, in fact, be a gain. ” (p. 123). Then there are various tricks that move the hardest hearts. First, tears: 35 A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality Tears are a good thing, too; they move the most adamant natures. Let her, if possible, see tears on your cheeks, in your eyes.

Women need to carefully consider the words they are hearing and determine whether they are all pretence or whether they are heartfelt. 43 A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality But he arms women with tricks of their own. Keep the man guessing for a while. Don’t be too clear about your affections too soon: Answer, after a while: delay is good for a lover — Only one bit of advice — don’t keep him waiting too long. Don’t be a reckless girl, too quick with a promise, too easy, Don’t, on the other hand, absolutely refuse.

Some of Ovid’s techniques are so harsh that he has been accused of hating women and being interested only in their oppression. Ovid would respond that his cures are harsh, but so are Cupid’s arrows. If one wants to be healed, one will endure the surgeon’s steel: Some may call my advice cruel and hard: I admit it. Still, if you want to be well, therapy must be endured. When I was sick myself, I often drank down bitter tonics, Often denied myself food, fighting the urge of my will. For your bodily health, you submit to the steel and endure it, Nor will water’s cool slake your feverish thirst.

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