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By Mizuho Yabushita

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The subject of this thesis is catalytic conversion of non-food, ample, and renewable biomass similar to cellulose and chitin to chemical compounds. In biorefinery, chemical transformation of polymers to worthy compounds has attracted around the world curiosity for development sustainable societies. First, the present scenario of this scorching study sector has been summarized good within the basic advent of the thesis, which is helping readers to familiarize yourself with this subject. subsequent, the writer explains high-yielding creation of glucose from cellulose through the use of an alkali-activated carbon as a catalyst, leading to a yield of glucose as excessive as 88%, that's one of many maximum yields ever suggested. The characterization of carbon fabrics has indicated that vulnerable acid websites at the catalyst advertise the response, that is markedly diversified from pronounced catalytic platforms that require robust acids. additionally, the 1st catalytic transformation of chitin with retention of N-acetyl teams has been constructed. the mix of mechanocatalytic hydrolysis and thermal solvolysis allows the construction of N-acetylated monomers in reliable yields of as much as 70%. The catalytic structures established during this thesis are special within the fields of either chemistry and chemical engineering, and their excessive efficiencies can give a contribution to eco-friendly and sustainable chemistry sooner or later. in the meantime, mechanistic reports according to characterization, thermodynamics, kinetics, and version reactions have additionally been played to bare the jobs of catalysts through the reactions. the implications might be precious for readers to layout and boost new catalysts and response systems.

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Synthesized a sulfonic chloromethyl polystyrene resin (CP–SO3H, Fig. 16) [147]. In their concept, Cl groups are expected to interact with OH groups of cellulosic molecules to adsorb the substrate onto the catalyst surface, followed by the hydrolysis of glycosidic bonds by sulfonic groups. They remarked that CP–SO3H converted microcrystalline cellulose to glucose in 93 % yield at 393 K for 10 h (entry 24). However, the stability of CP–SO3H needs to be reconfirmed. The base polymer chloromethyl polystyrene, known as Merrifield’s Fig.

Fukuhara K, Nakajima K, Kitano M, Kato H, Hayashi S, Hara M (2011) Structure and catalysis of cellulose-derived amorphous carbon bearing SO3H groups. ChemSusChem 4 (6):778–784 134. Mo X, López DE, Suwannakarn K, Liu Y, Lotero E, Goodwin JG Jr, Lu C (2008) Activation and deactivation characteristics of sulfonated carbon catalysts. J Catal 254(2):332–338 135. Kitano M, Yamaguchi D, Suganuma S, Nakajima K, Kato H, Hayashi S, Hara M (2009) Adsorption-enhanced hydrolysis of β-1,4-glucan on graphene-based amorphous carbon bearing SO3H, COOH, and OH groups.

J Catal 191(1):257–260 62. Li H, Li H, Deng J-F (2002) Glucose hydrogenation over Ni–B/SiO2 amorphous alloy catalyst and the promoting effect of metal dopants. Catal Today 74(1):53–63 63. Hoffer BW, Crezee E, Devred F, Mooijman PRM, Sloof WG, Kooyman PJ, van Langeveld AD, Kapteijn F, Moulijn JA (2003) The role of the active phase of Raney-type Ni catalysts in the selective hydrogenation of D-glucose to D-sorbitol. Appl Catal A Gen 253 (2):437–452 64. Werpy T, Petersen G, Aden A, Bozell J, Holladay J, White J, Manheim A, Eliot D, Lasure L, Jones S, Gerber M, Ibsen K, Lumberg L, Kelley S.

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