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By John Bosco

The limits that outline a legislation were chanced on, explored and mapped. A Unified thought of a legislation is the map. Take it with you in your trip throughout the felony international.

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So does a permission and a command. Although it is legal for a motorist to drive through a green light. It is legal because it is mandatory not because it is permissible. Why is it not both? Why can it not be said that a Lawmaker issues a permission allowing a motorist to drive through a green light and a command ordering a motorist to drive through a green light? Why cannot "Thou may drive through a green light" and "Thou shall drive through a green light" coexist? Driving through a green light is the affirmative polarity of conduct.

When an absence of a desire is detected both polarities of conduct must be examined to determine the permutation of a law. DESIRE FOR AFFIRMATIVE CONDUCT - ABSENT In the process of making a law, a Lawmaker forms opinions about both polarities of conduct flowing from a Source to Recipient through circumstances. One of the four opinions is the absence of a desire for affirmative conduct. Narrowing the focus of a Lawmaker to the Source we can phrase this by saying that a Lawmaker lacks a desire for a Source to do affirmative conduct.

Yet, he did not discover why the world is round. Someone else did. Thus, the exigency of teaching drove me to reverse engineer Hohfeld's doctrine. I took him apart and put him back together again. In the process, I had a number of legal epiphanies. In A Unified Theory of a Law, I wish to share them with you. A Unified Theory of a Law is the missing theory that gives the body of Hohfeld's doctrine legs. THE MECHANISM IN A BLACK BOX CALLED A UNIFIED THEORY OF A LAW A Unified Theory of a Law attempts to make our model of a law more accurate and to define a toolkit of techniques that, using the upgraded model, better import, process and export legal meaning.

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