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Stay inside your room? Turn to page 63. e hallway? €. go investigate Turn to Page 18. 48 The ghost spent more time at the desk, so you start your investigation there. The old rolltop desk looks as if it were carved from one giant piece of dark wood. The handles on the drawers are ornately molded brass roses, still shiny and beautiful even after being ignored for years. Despite the age of the desk, the drawers open easily, revealing a lot of old textbooks and letters, note cards with black borders, and an old newspaper clipping.

You head back to bed to try to get more sleep. You’ve got a long night of homework ahead of you. The End 57 Afraid of angering the professor, you pick up the cup and drink the thick liquid. It smells like fresh-cut grass and tastes like pureed spinach. And it’s ice cold. You put the cup down and look at the teacher. She smiles expectantly. ” she asks. ” You start to answer, but your voice is thick and muffled. You raise your hands, only to realize that you don’t have hands! Instead, you have thick, green pseudopods!

56 Pulling the blankets over your head, you roll over and go back to sleep. After a while, you hear a knock at the door. Pulling yourself out of bed, you shuffle over to open the door. Professor Aslem is standing at the door, scowling at you. ” You stare at your feet for a second as you try to think of a way to explain your absence. ” you mutter, glancing up at the professor. She glares at you suspiciously. “Very well. Just be sure to have chapters 8–14 completed for tomorrow. ” You realize that the hardest part of going to a boarding school will be dealing with the other people—not the ghosts.

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