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A) The shear lag model for a single lap joint is formulated using the indicated terms and the differential elements. Bending in the adherends is specifically ignored. After Adams and Wake [ll]. A. Dillard 24 in moment equilibrium. This prevents the model from recognizing the adherend bending and severe peel stresses that often account for failure in single lap joints. Because of this, the model is not particularly appropriate for single lap joints, an important geometry that will be covered in more detail in Chapter 4, If one applies the shear lag model to half of a double lap joint, the results are more meaningful since bending is less pronounced in this symmetric geometry.

The resulting peel stress solution is an oscillatory function that decays rapidly with an exponential decay. The resulting solution involves characteristic tensile and compressive regions whose magnitude and spatial size depend on the geometric and constitutive properties of the adherends and the adhesive layer. The solution has relevance for many geometries including the single lap joint, fracture and peel specimens of various types, moisture ingression and swelling of the adhesive, adherend curvature mismatches, etc.

Shear is often also associated with peeling forces. For example, when a flexible adherend is peeled away from a substrate, as is illustrated in Fig. 20, bending of Fundamentals of stress transfer in bonded systems 37 Fig. 20. For peel loading, bending of the flexible adherend results in relative shear deformations within the bondline, again demonstrating coupling often seen between shear and peel stresses in bonded joints. the adherend results in a relative horizontal translation of the adherend surface with respect to substrate.

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