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By Gale H. Carrithers

ISBN-10: 0807122467

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E-book by means of Carrithers, Gale H., Hardy, James D., Carrithers, Gale H., Jr., Hardy, James D., Jr.

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Rewriting the Renaissance: The Discourse of Sexual Difference in Early Modern Europe (Chicago, 1986). Compare Kenneth Burke, A Grammar of Motives (New York, 1969), "four master tropes," 503507. Burke, like Hayden White after him, meant metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, and irony. We address these elements of discourse mainly as variations of our four tropesvariations in mode or degree of presence. Ad regnem caritatis ("toward the reign of love") is Augustine's prescriptive guide for resolving (by choosing between) alternative readings of ambiguous scriptural passages: De doctrina Christiana, Bk.

New, Anglican and Puritan: The Basis of Their Opposition, 15581640 (Palo Alto, 1964): there are substantial theological differences between the two. We diverge from Charles and Katherine George, The Protestant Mind of the English Reformation, 15701640 (Princeton, 1961), when they argue that serious theological differences between Puritan and Anglican did not exist and thus could not be a cause of revolution, though we do agree that a "Protestant mind," inclusive of both groups, did exist. See also Patrick McGrath, Papists and Puritans Under Elizabeth I (London, 1967), and, more recently, J.

The political corollary, however, is a constant and intense preoccupation with power, and texts are seen as reflecting the division of life between elites, patriarchal or otherwise vile but certainly oppressive, and virtuous victims who have been held long in social, even legal, servitude. Thus the textwhether the Book of Common Prayer, one Donnean, Shakespearean, or Miltonic, or a court opinion such as Rex v. Hampdencontains a hidden code that must be cracked to reveal the contents of righteous resentment, culturally dominant thought control, or subverted subversion.

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