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If no mates are found during a season there will be no offspring. Another effect of density-dependency is intraspecific (within the species) competition. When members of a population are all competing for food resources or adequate habitat, the less fit (unhealthy, young, or old) members will lose out and perish. As a population grows, this type of intraspecific competition serves as a self-regulating mechanism, eliminating many members of the population. intraspecific involving members of the same species Density-independent populations are those that are regulated by catastrophic or unusual events.

The Pleistocene is famous for its extinctions rather than for its migrations. Some researchers believe the extinction event is not over and point 16 Pollution day. However, air pollution was considered a local problem. The burning of fossil fuels produced the most smoke, so some cities restricted the type of coal that could be burned to hard coal, which burns cleaner than soft coal. More efficient burners were installed and devices were attached to smokestacks to remove soot. Diesel locomotives replaced steam locomotives, which had burned coal or oil to heat the water to make the steam.

The hearing apparatus of living things is sensitive to certain frequency ranges and sound intensities. Sound intensities are measured in decibels. A sound at or above the 120 decibel level is painful and can injure the ear. Noise pollution is present even in the open ocean. Researchers have shown that whales communicate over great distances using low frequency sound waves. Unfortunately, the noise generated by engines and screws of ships falls in the same frequency range and can interfere with the whale’s communication.

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